okay, crayons

(I wasn’t nearby for this, I was told after the fact…)

“Me color markers!” said K. She can reach the crayons and coloring books herself and may color sitting on the rug, but while the markers may be the washable variety we’re still containing the possible damage – she needs to be in her high chair, and the markers are kept out of reach. Her request usually gets a reply of “What do you say?” and K says “Peeees!” and then she gets the markers.

This time, though, L was on the couch, trying not to move so she didn’t get sick – morning sickness, for her at least, is really all-day sickness.

“I can’t get you the markers now. You can color with crayons.”

That, it seems, isn’t good enough. “Me color markers!”

“Mommy is trying not to get sick!”

“Me color MARKERS!”

“I’m going to be sick!”

K got right in L’s face and shouted. “ME COLOR MARKERS!!”

And then L instantly leaned over and threw up in the trash can, just inches from K’s face. The room was quiet for a good two minutes, with K just standing there. Then she said simply:

“Me color crayons.”


This was published on 18 Sep 2005.
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