How to pick a sandwich in a deli or sandwich shop you’ve never been to:

  • If there is a sandwich named after the restaurant.
  • If there is one called “classic” or “original”.
  • If it’s not a chain but they’ve trademarked a sandwich name.
  • If it’s the only one highlighted in a box on the menu.
  • If it’s called “A Wreck” (applies mostly to Potbelly in Chicago).
  • If it’s got “debris” on it (applies mostly to Mother’s in New Orleans).
  • If it’s a set of ingredients you’ve never seen together before but sounds right anyway, like it should be named “classic” or “original”.
  • If you’re at White House Subs in Atlantic City, Gino’s or Jim’s in Philly … anything.


This was published on 31 Jan 2005.
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