In the few minutes I spent writing the previous entry and reading a Slate story about the decline of “Trivial Pursuit” the house across the street has gained Mylar banners across several windows that declare “It’s a Girl!” eight times and pinkish streamer across the front of the house, around the door, on all the bushes, the mailbox and its post. I viewed this around the three taped-up cartoon bunny rabbits in our living room window. Several weeks past Easter, the bunnies, which was our entire holiday decorations, are still smiling, but I got grumpy. All this family around, a better lawn, homeowners a decade younger than I am, and now I find they have their own decorating crew. Harumph.

I can take satisfaction and comfort in the fact that two years in a row now, my Christmas lights have kicked their Christmas lights’ ass. Big time.


This was published on 17 Apr 2005.
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