I’ve been halfheartedly shopping for a new wallet because parts of my old one are held together by somewhere between one and three stitches. I’m won’t look too closely because I fear close examination may cause thread failure.

In Penney’s I happened across some post-holiday closeout gift sets. One of them is a 3 in 1 Gift Set with a Trifold Wallet (which has a sewn-in price tag of $25), a Maze Game Lid and a Valet Tray Base. I think calling the lid and the base two pieces is bogus even if the maze is a little game, and I hope any dads who got this from their kid recognize it’s the thought that counts, but anyone who gets it from another adult beats them with it. Who packages crap like this? I realize some people get their marketing degrees by sending in cereal box tops but I think anyone over age nine knows you don’t try to sell something called “Maze Game Lid”.

However, because people are too smart to buy it, the $25 wallet, in a box with crap I can mock, was only $4.77, at least 75% less than the wallet alone if it was on sale and a third of the wallet I’d have gotten at Target. Thank you, retail geniuses.


This was published on 19 Feb 2005.
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