If you should find yourself in Albany the day after a huge blizzard on or around January 22nd and you have a good jacket but no hat or gloves, and you feel obtaining such items might be worthwhile, and if you have a Target across the street from your hotel, you may think it’s a good idea, even though it’s right around zero degrees out, to trudge across the street to said Target and obtain said hat and gloves.

You would be wrong, because on or around January 22nd, before you’d even gotten to the really cold part of winter, there would be no hats and gloves at said Target, not because there was a run on them, but because they’d already discontinued them for the year. I found one sad little clearance rack with a just a few things, all ugly and mostly too small. There were some empty racks nearby, selling nothing. There were racks of shorts for summer, regular price. But with six weeks of winter to go, no gloves. I’m usually a big fan of Target, but they really missed it on this one. The assumptions that everyone has them, nobody will lose them, and the rack selling nothing is earning more money than if it had gloves, seem off. And people wonder why I go to Walmart. Bet they still have ’em.


This was published on 24 Jan 2005.
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