I’ve been watching the countdown (countup?) to one billion songs sold on iTunes, trying to get in there and snag the grand prize (or any prize, really). I got distracted by some in-depth articles and missed my crack at the 100,000 level prize at 999,000,000 by – according to the counter – a couple of seconds. While waiting for the counter to hit 999,100,000 so I could try again, I restarted and when I came back and the site said we’ve reached a billion – thanks! What? A million songs sold in half an hour in the middle of the night? I suspect that counter of toying with me. Isn’t there some law against odometer tampering that could apply here?

Update 11:19am: Turns out they had the winner SIX HOURS before my counter reported it. I’m full of false hopes without external help, thank you.


This was published on 23 Feb 2006.
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