Grocery Outlet is sort of depressing if you go there just to save money (unless you stick to the same exact items you’ve have gotten somewhere else for more) but it’s kind of fun if you look at it as a treasure hunt, trying to find crazy products that didn’t quite take, foods you’ve never seen. I guess Captain Crunch’s “Polar Crunch” didn’t do too well in a test market, but if I had the freezer space I’d totally have gotten the tres leche cake, which I’ve only ever seen at one bakery in Chicago. (Yes, I’m sure this isn’t as good. But still.)

Today they had Welch’s Orange Juice in a can, just like you get on a plane. I grabbed two for 89 cents, and I’m thinking about sitting on my couch with orange juice in a can and a bag of peanuts and pretending I’m going somewhere.


This was published on 24 Jul 2006.
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