My son was born six weeks ago, in the same room his sister was born in three years earlier, almost to the day. There’s a good story around it, involving a police officer pulling a gun on a dog in my yard right before we head to the hospital, but that will have to wait until another day, like so many stories I want to tell. You blink and the time is gone, and at least this time I have a reasonable reason for not writing.

“Proof” (ha) that at least my creative intentions are in the right place: my first domain name is over eight years old now, and it’s been sitting around a while gathering dust because it didn’t seem to fit the work I was doing (or even not doing), but now it’s back, as a home for snapshots and snarky photos, a visual sketchbook of sorts: Enjoy.


This was published on 04 Jun 2006.
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