The Wonder Bread people (which may be simply the Wonder Bread Company, for all I know) have a new product out called “White Bread Fans” that is whole grain wheat bread but looks and tastes a lot like… well, Wonder Bread. It’s a little brown instead of pure white, but that’s the only obvious difference. I am astonished at their ability to do this – not for quality reasons, mind you, so much as their ability to bring whole grain down to their level.

I have to… um… wonder at the product name, though. Does “White Bread” mean only “Wonder”? I’m fairly certain there are other white breads that are so NOT Wonder-like. Why not call it “Wonder Bread Fans”? Or “C’Mon, People, Get Some Interesting Bread, Not This Stuff”. Yes, okay, maybe this is useful for getting little kids to eat whole grain bread, but it is not the best idea, obviously – corn syrup is still second or third on the ingredient list. And even if the kid can’t read – like dogs with those Beggin Strips things – they’ll notice that, hello, it ain’t white. Overall, I think some other white breads should sue. I think Sourdough has a good lawyer.


This was published on 04 Mar 2006.
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