I decided the little bit of roast beef I had left wasn’t really enough for lunch, even if it was still good, which was a gamble. I tossed it, and went to see what there was I could finish up so I didn’t feel I was wasting things. I had the last bit of orange juice, the last sandwich roll with the last two hot dogs and the last bit of bacon and the last slices of havarti. Yes, Nathan’s hot dogs, bacon, and havarti. Alert the Food Network. And possibly, the paramedics. (The Nathan’s were related to wanting to be in NYC, and they’re not my first choice, but I’m thrilled I can get even them in Idaho.)

Later, I finished a box of Eggo cereal. One item tossed, but six finished in one afternoon! I win. Bring on spring, I’m all trained and ready for doing some cleaning.


This was published on 08 Mar 2006.
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