I tried to add a friend’s cat as a friend on one of those little social networking sites the kids like so much. This would be the second cat; the first cat was a couple I know, using their cat as a front. That, effectively, meant I was adding my friends as, well, a friend, and their picture just happened to look like one of their cats. No issues there. But this second cat is the actual cat, although one has to assume my friend does the typing and so forth. Everything would have been fine except the little social networking site, knowing it its little badly programmed rat brain that the cat is under age 13, made the cat’s profile private, and to add said cat as a friend, you need to prove you know the cat’s email address. Except my friend’s email address doesn’t work for the cat. No problem, you can use the last name. Well, my friend’s last name doesn’t work. I found myself trying to guess a cat’s email address and last name.

The internet is busted. Ship it back. Get a refund. I’ll be sitting down at Guido’s with a slice of pizza reading the Sunday New York Times on physical pieces of paper, trying to stay sane.


This was published on 19 Oct 2006.
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