I was still up the other night when L. jumped up in her sleep, grabbed the baby’s ride-on Mickey Mouse airplane like an over-inflated football and rushed to me with it. “Quick, touch this! Touch this or the magic won’t work!” I touched it, and suggested she go back to bed. “But what about the dollar off coupons? Do you have the dollar off coupons? Some of the spells won’t work without the dollar off coupons!” I started to chuckle at the thought of discount magic and she was instantly suspect. “You’re awake, aren’t you?” I tried to smooth over the discrepancy in our consciousness statuses, and she pressed on with concerns about the spells working, irritated that I wasn’t buying it and was clearly trying not to laugh, which is nearly as dangerous as pointing out she’s sleeping. Finally she snapped: “You don’t get out much in the magical world, do you?”


This was published on 31 Aug 2007.
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