I’ll often open about 85 browser tabs, full of news and articles and bloggy crap and just… well, crap. Suddenly the browser will be using about 126% of available memory, everything will start crawling, and I’ll do one of three things: a) just quit the thing, b) quickly close nearly everything, read a couple, then quit, or c) try to read or save everything because, well, I’ve clearly got some sort of issues going on. I’m getting much better at doing a), or, failing that, b), instead of what for months was the standard option, c), which pretty much meant I did nothing but open and close browser tabs sometimes for two, three days in a row. More meaningful work than some possible jobs, but the pay is poor.

So last night I go for b), and I’m quickly clicking the close button on many, many tabs. I see a phrase blink on screen that looks interesting, but I’ve already clicked close and it’s gone. Wait! I say. That may have been important! I check my history, cannot find a likely title, so I hit the google thing, figuring the phrase was fairly unique. I was right. It’s one of my own posts on this site. The unique phrase involved cookies. I saw a flash of text about cookies, decided it must be important, and I end up googling myself. I have so many problems, I don’t even know where to begin.


This was published on 02 Jun 2007.
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