There is a Winnie the Pooh and Tigger clock propped against the wall in the corner of my bathroom counter. It is propped at an angle, with 1 up and 7 down. It was accurate enough, if you tilted your head, but then it started losing track of time as the battery found itself unable to consistently lift the second hand through the back half of a minute. Then for a few days, it thought it was 11:12, and with every tick the second hand would charge up the hill to 42 seconds, fail, and fall back to 41 seconds, only to try again. Now it’s still 11:12, with the seconds bouncing constantly between 35 and 36 and I find myself wondering – did it fall back further? Or did it make a successful run for the top, vault over the tilted 12, and race around again? I should just go ahead and change the battery, but I worry about depriving it of one more shot at glory.


This was published on 22 Apr 2007.
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