I’ve seen the anniversary of the fire coming for some weeks now; I would say I’m mostly okay with it personally, but it causes a lot of worry about my mom, my daughter, and a lot of thinking. I am already prone to too much thinking.

Last week I stopped at a red light and a hearse pulled up next to me, with a casket in the back. You don’t see this; mostly, they’re in a procession, with cops and lights and no stops. They don’t just stop next to you at a light. I was vaguely horrified at the situation; did I need more reminders?

The song on the radio ended, and a new one started: Talking Heads, Burning Down the House. My jaw hit the floor … and then I smiled, and then laughed. It’s great, and I’ve felt weird playing it deliberately in the last year. I turned the radio up, and the light went green. Time to go; things to do.


This was published on 26 Aug 2009.
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