Here I am, not much more than halfway into my bonus hour, and I am tired. Tired not like it’s 1:41am, but tired like it’s 2:41 am. This hardly seems fair at all. In fact, if you consider that this is not really a bonus hour at all, but an hour I paid for last spring when the clocks went forward and now I’m being given it back with no interest payments at all on that time, this is beyond simply unfair. This is obscenely unfair.

However, last night I watched a comic give a very funny routine on the lunacy of having multistep instructions for heating on boxes of PopTarts, and then I went into my kitchen to have PopTarts and ended up waiting nearly four minutes without realizing that while the lever was mostly down on the toaster, it had not clicked and nothing was toasting and I was just wasting my time standing there. I should stop trying to use my extra hour – not that it’s really extra, of course – and instead just go to sleep. After some PopTarts.


This was published on 30 Oct 2005.
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