I love the “fall back” part of daylight savings – I got to waste a couple of hours watching my TV backlog – that “Real World” I missed in August really was critical – and because of the clock thing I also get a few hours to pretend to write but not really do it. I wish I could do this every week. Which gave me an idea. Sunday through Friday, let’s jump the clock forward ten minutes every night, say 4:32:59am to 4:43:00 am. Nobody will miss that time as there are not only no good shows, but no good informercials either. It’s a complete TV dead zone. And if you’re one of those normal people who are sleeping then, well, ten minutes less won’t hurt. Saturday night, we can roll the clock back an hour and get that extra hour of goofing off or whatever. I could maybe even actually write something, although it would be about this stupid.

It’ll break every clock, VCR, schedule, everything, but I think it’ll be worth it. As long as they don’t make SNL an hour longer. That would just be a waste.


This was published on 30 Oct 2005.
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