I’ve been doing a ton of cleanup work on my yard, getting rid of junk buildings and paint bits from painting the house last fall and a flowerbed that was really just weeds; beautification via removal. Yesterday with the help of a neighbor with a large truck I pulled down a half shack thing that’s been an eyesore since I bought the place. It’s a lot of work that’s really for nothing other than to get to where I can say to my three year old: yes, you can play in the yard. (As though there could be anything more important.)

I seeded that former flowerbed and mostly, shockingly, the grass has come up. Near sunset last night I sat on the edge of my deck and watered the baby grass and the dirt that may or may not have seed left (darn birds), feeling productive from pulling down the shack, from getting new grass to grow. The sun snuck a beam through the neighbor’s huge silver maple and made the spray from the hose glow brightly. I figured there had to be a little rainbow from the low angle of the light, but I was facing the sun, not away from it. Forget it, I thought, you can’t see the rainbow – you’re in it.


This was published on 08 Jun 2006.
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