After a good lunch at a once a year fundraising event, nothing sounded exciting for dinner. “We could have canned food… food in little boxes… bread…” Even with details on what’s in the cans and little boxes, nothing stood out. A commercial came on for the Mashed Potato Bowl at KFC. “I want that!” L said. I’d tried it before, thought it was reasonable enough, especially for our mood, and off I went to KFC. Pavlovian? Nah. Honest.

On the drive – not even three miles – I passed a Jack in the Box, a McDonalds, a Carls Jr, a Dairy Queen, a Sonic, a Burger King, a Subway. If you turn your head passing the McDonalds you can see a Wendy’s and a Taco Bell. The KFC/A&W combo store is in the parking lot of a Walmart. Part of the A&W neon was out – “All-American” was unlit and the sign merely announced “Food”. That’s okay, I thought, I don’t have any doubt what country I’m in.


This was published on 16 Jun 2006.
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